I’ve been working in clay for most of my life. My first exposure to clay was in a high school art class. It’s been a love affair ever since. Success in that class led me to studying art in college. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Houston specializing in ceramics.


Clay speaks to me in a variety of ways. My concepts in art have always drawn me to 3 dimensional objects. I want to walk around it, hold it in my hands, and use it in my everyday life. My studio is in a pecan orchard on the San Marcos River. Being nestled among the trees with birds, deer, butterflies and diverse plant life inspires and influences much of the imagery carved into my pottery. Nature and clay are natural partners.


My functional work is designed to bring beauty to the everyday experience of eating/cooking food or drinking beverages. My sculpture pieces lean towards the fun and unexpected, using color in unexpected ways on familiar shapes.